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AI architecture


Digital powerhouse
AI driven solutions

Webnish Technology powers digital transformation through services designed to reinvent your application portfolio and a new style of IT.

We are the early adopters of AI technology, that allowed us to create statistical and mathematical models to develop capabilities, tangible products and services through these years.

Our R&D outcomes in NLP allowed us to reach towards a Human - centered AI philosophy.

Your new product can benefit a lot from data driven architecture and AI based solutions. Get in touch with our technology evangelists to engage more.

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Artificial Intelligence
How can you leverage on it ?

AI is the science of building systems with cognition. It is the process that involves embedding an artificial intelligence in machines, that makes them capable to sense, imbibe, comprehend and execute.


Product usability +
Design thinking

At Webnish, we put users first. This intersection of empathy, creativity and technology allow us to create products which make meaningful impacts on our users lives.

Data - driven design thinking approach is the corner stone of our work at Webnish.

At Webnish iLab, we collaborate with designers, data architects, statisticians, creative artists and content editors in creating joyful products.

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Digital business
For the next billion on internet

Webnish has been working with multitude of small business in creating digital presences. This created an internet revolution in MSME's, helping them explore better business opportunities in future.

Our plug and play solutions, seamless interactions with multiple platforms make millions of small and medium business, online.

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Mobile first
Digital marketing tool

Emailifly is a digital marketing tool, with an AI-backbone that will provide contextual, analytical insights to users.

Emailifly is loaded with content templates curated for its users. Its is easy, smart and user-driven

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We work with organisations of different sizes, start ups to governments, smart locks to policy designs.
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