Any industrial activity today - be it manufacturing or rocket engineering or even heart surgery - is integrated with technology; only the degree of depth varies. Irrespective of the industry, technology strides are extremely dynamic, and new applications keep cropping up. Smart organizations quickly adopt them to become cost-efficient, and more profitable. But most business corporations are so steeped in the daily processes that they are unable to get an external perspective of their technology needs and wants. This is where an external IT consulting firm steps in.

Transforming an organization through technology

Webnish's IT consulting practice provides knowledgeable guidance to an organization (of any size) on the Information Technology roadmap it needs to adopt. It is a complicated exercise that calls for a contemporary and deep understanding of the IT technology space. A decade ago, technology consulting was limited to deploying tools that fine-tuned business processes and surface-level administrative automation. But today, consulting involves the digital transformation of an entire organization, aided by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Webnish's IT consulting expertise

Webnish has built a wide range of consulting competencies ranging from traditional computing to contemporary technology sweep. These include Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), ML, Data Engineering, SaaS, Product Architecture, Product Development, Data Science, and Analytics. Our skillsets include Ruby/RoR, Python, Java, .Net, Angular, and React. Additionally, we have skills in RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, and Elastic Search.

Webnish goes well beyond giving technical advice. Having completed many projects for customers, we extend our lived experiences to new clients by first understanding their underlying framework and then recommending an appropriate roadmap for digital transformation.

The net result of Webnish's IT consulting interventions is a light, well-oiled organization-wide technology backbone that delivers the envisioned RoI through greater efficiencies and a nimbler business that responds to market demands, faster than ever before.

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