What cannot be measured, cannot be managed. It is an old cliché, but as clichés go, it holds. Only analytics can provide an enterprise-wide view of an organization's health in a competitive landscape. Data analytics is at the core of any high-performance organization, irrespective of the industry or geography. Data insights help in acquiring and retaining customers, improving efficiency, intelligent operations, enhancing profits, optimization, and informed decision-making.

Understanding analytics

Data by itself is just numbers. It only makes sense if one can discover and interpret meaningful patterns in the data. And today's digital data-driven environment, organizations spew massive amounts of data every minute. The challenge is in extracting meaningful insights from the data. This is made possible through data visualization tools such as charts and tables that offer a visual view of the trends and patterns, and which can be shared with anyone.

Dashboard as the window to data

The dashboard is a visually rich information tool that tracks, analyzes, and displays key performance metrics in the form of charts, tables, and other symbols. At a deeper level, techniques such as link charts connect two or more categorical variables to convey the magnitude and direction of a data relationship and flow of information.

Data engineering and data pipelines

A data pipeline collects, aggregates, organizes, and moves data while automating the manual handling of raw data. The pipelines facilitate real-time analytics that can be used to discover new opportunities and enhance cost efficiencies.

Real-time and event stream processing

Modern digital organizations (especially in finance, media, sports, information technology, and others) throw up extraordinary amounts of data that need to be processed in real-time. As the term denotes, real-time stream processing platforms aggregate data from several sources and combine them into a single data pipeline, all in a few microseconds.

Webnish's analytics expertise

Webnish has built a rigorous analytics practice since its inception. We have consistently kept up with the latest tools and global trends in the analytics space and have implemented them for our customers with full competence. Our customized and interactive dashboards have led to enhanced business performance, optimized processes, and increased growth.

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