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Conventionally, software products receive version upgrades every few years leading to significant challenges for providers and users. Migrating existing clients to new versions required significant efforts, often leading to resistance from users who were reluctant to adapt to changes. In some cases, this even resulted in customers switching over to alternative solutions rather than undergoing the arduous upgrade process. Additionally, supporting clients across multiple software versions became a resource-intensive endeavor.

However, the software development landscape has evolved, and adopting incremental upgrades has become the norm. Major Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products like Facebook, Gmail, and Airbnb consistently roll out incremental updates so that customers always have access to the latest version of their preferred applications. Even complex desktop web browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox and others) have shifted towards smaller, more frequent releases.

Webnish's offerings:

At Webnish, we understand the importance of embracing this incremental approach to software development. As a result, we have developed a range of offerings designed to help businesses navigate challenges associated with continuous updates, while ensuring a seamless user experience and long-term customer satisfaction.

Managed Product Management

Webnish provides comprehensive product management services, handling every aspect of your software's lifecycle. From requirement gathering to release planning and post-launch support, our team ensures your product evolves smoothly and efficiently.

Incremental Release Planning

Webnish assists in breaking down your product roadmap into smaller, manageable chunks. Adopting an incremental release strategy minimizes disruption and end user resistance, allowing for a seamless transition from one version to the next.

Ensuring Architecture Continuity

Webnish has successfully executed significant incremental architecture changes without causing disruptions to a product. Whether switching from a relational database to NoSQL, shifting Cloud providers, changing authentication providers, adopting new programming languages, or making a product multilingual, we have the expertise to ensure a smooth transition.

User Experience Continuity

By implementing smaller, well-communicated changes, we eliminate user resistance and ensure a consistent and positive user experience. Our approach keeps your customers engaged and invested in the product, fostering its longevity.

Quality and Reliability

Automation enables Webnish to prioritize quality assurance and reliability. QA automation and deployment automation processes guarantee a robust and error-free product, reducing the risk of disruptions caused by updates.

Balancing Multiple Streams

Webnish understands the importance of simultaneously addressing various aspects of your product. We balance user experience upgrades, technical enhancements, business-focused features, and eliminating obsolete code, ensuring your product remains competitive and relevant.

Messaging and Communication

Effective communication is vital to a successful update strategy. We help you craft clear and engaging messages about releases and roadmaps, ensuring that your users are well-informed and excited about the product improvements coming their way.

Encouraging End-User Participation

We believe in involving end users in the product development process. By encouraging their feedback, incorporating their suggestions, and fostering a sense of ownership, we create invested users who are more likely to stick with your product in the long run.


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