FinTech is the deep immersion of information technology into conventional finance oriented industries. They include banking, insurance, mortgage, wealth management, credit cards, stock trading, asset management, and other adjacent domains.

FinTechs are fundamentally reshaping the contours of the finance industry. Armed with the latest technologies and understanding of the finance domain, FinTechs are unbundling and re-bundling products and services that are tailored to appeal to new-age customers with unique preferences. The scope of FinTech is expansive. It includes a host of specialty players such as Google Pay (for digital payments), Plaid (for financial infrastructure/connectivity), Digit (for digital insurance), and others

AI in FinTech

The rise of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science gave an opportunity to ambitious start-ups to dis-intermediate the existing rigid structures to create new products and services that resonated with the demands of a new generation of customers. These technology-first companies have fresh ideas, are nimble, and open up bright new possibilities in the finance domain.

Webnish and FinTech

Webnish collaborates with FinTech companies and provides them the complete digital support and process optimization expertise to develop their products. Webnish has also partnered with marquee names such as Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and other Fortune 500 financial institutions in their digital transformation exercises and enabled them to compete successfully in the new environment.

Time is money

Time is money in finance. It is a highly competitive, dynamic, and risky space. Webnish knows it too well having consulted with, and delivered appropriate digital technology solutions for several companies in the finance domain, from large banks to start-ups.

If your business is related to finance, you know whom to approach.