Responsive Template Designs

For All Devices

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Responsive website templates lend themselves to fluid-width and adapt across different screen resolutions. This means that every single responsive template seamlessly serves different media formats and devices that people use to browse the websites.

With a responsive website, you are empowered with a dynamic functionality. We have a wide array of responsive website concepts for your business at Webnish. Our teams are constantly carrying out in-depth studies and are well acquainted with the nuances of your business before initiating the designs.

Webnish offers responsive web design templates with four primary layout options and a bunch of additional ones for any given business segment. The templates accurately respond to the medium that is being used to view them and seamlessly adapt to the width of the browser. To render perfectly down to smaller screen sizes, responsive templates utilise changing font sizes, navigation menu, columns, text blocks and images that scale and change their position. You can get a first hand feel of the responsive designs by checking out the templates' live demos and playing with the browser window width.